Warmachine & Hordes Army Creator : Online! (updated 2016-03-22 : various updates in themes and contracts)

Menoth, 50+10 points, Heaven's Doors

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Contributing, Help, ...

This army builder is provided "as is" and is currently work-in progress.

The source code is shared on github : Whac-online on Github ; feel free to fork, clone, duplicate, alter this code, enhance it.

The "data" is in JSON format, you should be able to easily correct/modify/enhance it.

Feel free to submit pull requests or suggestions, either via Github, either via mail for slaforet (at) gmail (dot) com ; i do not promise quick support or implementation but this will be taken in account, one day or another.

For support, connect to WHAC forum : Whac.forumactif.org